Ex-ante Evaluation of OPRG 2014-2020 – final report;

Environmental assessment of OPRG 2014-2020 – summary.

According to the clauses of Regulation No 1083/2006/EC (Art. 47, 48 and 49) the evaluations of operational programs form an integral part of the whole management and implementation process as a tool for evaluation of the expediency, efficiency and effectiveness of the granted aid as well as of the effect and the sustainability of the achieved results.  The evaluations at improving the quality, efficiency and compliance of the aid from the Funds and also the strategy and implementation of the operational program regarding the specific structural problems concerning the member-state, taking into account the sustainable development target and the relevant legislation of the Community regarding the impact on the environment and the strategic environmental assessment.

The Evaluation sector was formed within the Operational Program Regional Development Managing Authority as a part of the Programming and Evaluation Unit; it is responsible for the organization, coordination and implementation of the activities, related to OPRD evaluations.  According to Art. 48 (1) of Regulation 1083/2006 an Evaluation Plan for the OPRD has been prepared, containing the indicative assessment activities and 2 assessment have been carried out in accordance with this Plan: the current evaluation "Review of the first open schemes under OPRD 2007 - 2013" (carried out between September 2009 and January 2010) and a Mid-term evaluation of the Program (carried out between September 2010 and February 2011).

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